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From Struggling to Excelling: My Journey to Achieving Grade 9 in Most Subjects

By Ariel Smith

Achieving a grade 9 in GCSE exams requires a combination of effective study habits, exam strategies, and a solid understanding of the exam material. Here are some steps you can take to increase your chances of achieving a grade 9:

    1. 1. Start early: Begin studying well in advance of your exams so that you have enough time to cover all the material thoroughly. Make a study schedule and stick to it.

    1. 2. Focus on your weaknesses: Identify your areas of weakness and spend more time studying those topics. This will help you to improve your overall performance.

    1. 3. Break free from your comfort zone: It’s important to challenge yourself and not just stick to topics that you feel comfortable with. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and tackling more difficult topics, you can gain a deeper understanding of the subject and strengthen your overall performance. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and seek help if needed. Remember, hard work and dedication are key to achieving your higher.

    1. 4. Use a variety of study techniques: Use a range of study techniques, such as reading notes, creating mind maps, using flashcards, and practicing past papers which can be found free at Classgenx. This will help you to learn and remember the material more effectively.

    1. 5. Practice past papers: This can help you gain a deeper understanding of the exam format and the types of questions that may be asked. At Classgenx, they always dedicated a significant portion of their live classes to practicing exam questions, which has proven to be highly beneficial. I recommend that you also practice past papers at home to reinforce your knowledge and improve your chances of achieving a higher grade

    1. 6. Manage your time effectively: Make sure you are using your time effectively during the exam. Read the instructions carefully and allocate your time wisely, leaving yourself enough time to check your work.

    1. 7. Stay focused: Stay focused during the exam and avoid getting distracted. If you feel yourself getting anxious or stressed, take a deep breath and remind yourself of your preparation.

    1. 8. Seek help if needed: If you are struggling with any part of the material, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teachers, tutors, classmates or one of our qualified teachers at Classgenx. 

Remember, achieving a grade 9 requires hard work and dedication, but by following these tips, you can increase your chances of success.

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