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5 tips that helped students cope with GCSE exam stress

By Aaron Hunter

Managing stress during GCSE exam times may be difficult, and as a high school teacher, I’ve seen many students come to me for help during their exams, and it’s evident that students are under greater pressure than ever before. As a result, I’ll share with you my top five tips that have shown to be beneficial to my pupils over time and that i shared with classgenx students during our online classes.

  1. Learn how to take deep breaths

We all know how to breathe, but how many of us know how to breathe effectively so that we feel calmer and more focused right away? Take a deep inhale through both nostrils and feel your stomach area expand and contract as you exhale through your mouth. When you are under pressure, stressed, or anxious, you should take 5 minutes to relax especially during your GCSE exam.

  1. Remember to eat, sleep, and exercise

It is vital to feed your body and mind through eating, sleeping, and exercising. Staying up all night and missing meals will just increase your worry and stress, as well as reduce your ability to retain what you’ve learned. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Reduce your coffee intake, drink more water, and exercise for at least half an hour each day.

  1. Learn to walk away and treat yourself 

There will be times when you feel overworked; take a break and reward yourself with some TV, computer games, or perhaps a walk in the fresh air. This will allow you to unwind and think clearly when you return to your studies. We often advise our students to get some fresh air when they feel overworked as they study for their GCSE exam.

4. If you are struggling, talk to someone

If you are struggling and need help, confide in someone, whether it’s your parents, friends, or teachers. Speaking with someone might be beneficial and make you feel better. Never be frightened to seek help. Trouble is halved when you share it. Parents can ask for assistance, advice, and guidance for their children by staying in touch with us at

5. Don’t do it alone

97 percent of students said that learning in a group helped them learn more effectively and improved their grades. Classgenx encourages group learning because learning alone can be lonely and stressful, thus we work together to tackle exam questions. Observing how others do it can inspire you and help you see things from a different perspective.

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