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“Richard is on target to achieving grade 9 in Mathematics. I would like to thank Classgenx and the teachers for providing this opportunity that has been incredibly beneficial for my son. The classes were fun and creative, making learning easy.“
“Since our daughter started taking lessons with Classgenx, we have witnessed great progress in her learning and understanding. The teachers have been brilliant and used effective teaching strategies to help our daughter reach her full potential.”
“We signed our son up on Classgenx after being recommended by our friends. It has been the best decision for our son Jacob and his knowledge has been growing ever since. He used to struggle with answering exam questions and now, he is very confident and able to complete these exams.”
“97% of students said that taking Classgenx exam preparation classes helped facilitate their learning and improved their academic results by 3 grades.”
How does Classgenx work?


Practice exam questions and enhance their ability to respond to any questions during exams.


Learn to understand how to break a question down and absorb the curriculum through practice.


Build confidence, problem solving and reasoning skills which will help through exams and many aspects of life.

How does it work?

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